How to Use JioTV Play without Jio SIM – Non Jio User/Network

How to Use JioTV Play without Jio SIM – Non Jio User/Network

Jiotv Without Jio SIM/Network: Hi friends, welcome to jio blog here in this blog you will get all jio related solutions. Here in this post we are going to provide the tricks on how to use jio tv app without jio sim? So just read the complete post to know how to watch jio tv without jio network and using other networks/SIM. Jio tv is one of the most popular tv application in india it made millions of downloads in a short period of time because of jio tv app features and free of cost to use (only jio users).

Using Jio tv app you can easily watch live TV shows, Live sports match’s (Cricket, Football, Tennis), and comedy channels from anywhere, anytime so people love this app to be installed in their devices. Jio tv app can be used by only jio users. If you have jio sim and network you can only access the jio tv app. But using the below method you can use jio tv app on any network like airtel, Vodafone and also WIFI.

Jio tv without jio sim
Jio tv without jio sim
Jio released lot of application for jio users not only Jio tv app they also released jio music, jio cinema, so on.

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Is it possible to use jio tv app using other networks/without jio sim?

This is the main and hot question for the past few months so here I will tell you the truth. Yes, it is possible to use jio tv app without jio 4G SIM/network. The main requirement to watch jio tv app in other network is we need a jio account id and password. If your friend has the jio id and password ask them to sign up with jio tv app.
Jio-TV-App-no-jio sim
Jio-TV-App-no-jio sim
The second main thing is jio tv moded app this app will help you to bypass the jio tv app to work in other networks. You can get the jio tv mod apk from the below download link.

Steps to use jio tv play without jio sim/network:

  • First of all download the jio tv mod apk from the below download link.
Download jio tv apk
    • Install jio tv apk on your smart phone or devices.
    • After install it open and sign up the app using jio id and password (if you have).
    • If you don’t have jio tv id or password get it from your friends or just skip the step and watch the tv channels freely without jio sim and network.
    • Now using the above jio tv mod apk yo u can watch jio tv using Airtel network, Vodafone or public WIFI any internet connection.
    If you are facing any issues please let us know we will provide the best solutions for you.

    Features of Jio TV without jio sim card/network:

    • You can easily carry your TV with you anywhere using jio tv app.
    • You can easily watch your missed shows and episodes up to 7 days. So you will never miss any TV programs if you have jio tv app in your device.
    • In normal TV you can’t pause and play live channels but in jio tv app without jio SIM you have an option to pause and play live channels.
    • You can also rewind and forward live channels up to 30 seconds.
    • Lock screen option while watching jio tv.
    • Provides 100+ HD channels so you can enjoy your tv programs in HD quality.
    • You can also install jio tv in android smart tv.
    • These are all the main features of jio tv app without jio network/id.

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