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Zapya For Windows Phone Free Download- Official Updated 2023

Zapya For Windows Phone Free Download- Official Updated 2023

Download Zapya for windows phone: Hi guys in this post we are going to share how to use the zapya file sharing app on windows phones follow the complete guide and do the steps to get zapyafor windows phones. Now a day each and everyone has a requirement for file sharing between devices but this process is difficult before the development of the zapya app. Particularly file transfer from windows phone to iPhone is a really irritating process to complete. 

Zapya for Windows Phone
Zapya for Windows Phone
Not only between these devices. You can also transfer between any device like a phone to a computer or laptop or any other cross-platform device. Zapya app is initially developed for android users after few days it gets a huge response from the user side so they planned to release the  app on all platforms so this zapya is platform independent. Zapya for windows, zapya for mac, zapya for iphone, zapya for windows phones, zapya for blackberry and zapya for tizen are available in the market.

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Best features of zapya for windows phones:

Most of people download and use any application without any guide and knowledge so here before you download the app try to know some facts and features of this Download Zapya for Windows Phone.
zapya features
zapya features
  • The best feature of this zapya app is it can transfer files between any cross platforms like windows, ios blackberry etc.
  • This app is completely free of cost which is another best features of zapya app for windows.
  • The fastest file transfer compares to any other applications.
  • The transfer rate is nearly 100mbs.
  • This will support all file formats.
  • Easy to use. It means a good user-friendly application.
  • This will supports more than 30 languages.
  • Using the bulk copy option in this app you can completely move your old device data to a new device.
  • These are all a few features of this zapya file sharing app.
Now we can get into the guide and let me explain about the steps to download and use zapya for windows phones.

Zapya for Windows Phone Free Download –Official 2017:

This process is very simple what you need to do is just go to official windows app store. You can also use the below link we provided.

  1. After open, the link just clicks the install button.
  2. Now everything is fine just wait for a minute to get download and install zapya for windows phone.
  3. Now enjoy with zapya app with a windows phone.
I think this process will not make you that much difficult. We provide all data based on our experience so you will now get any harmful effects.

Special features of Zapya for Windows Phone-Latest:

QR code scanning:
This feature is somewhat advanced to use. The Zapya app will make you use these QR Codes to share files between devices. So this gives more security to the files. And also you can make your own QR code to store your files using that code.

Zapya using QR Code
Zapya using QR Code
Complete Phone Replicate:
Using this app you can get the backup of your old phone to your new phone easily.

Group files Sharing :
Zapya for windows phone download provides these features. That is if one person is sharing the files a group of people can receive it at the same time.

The best rating of zapya for windows phones is 4.2 out of 5 and this app got an award in 2015. This app is in the top 10 best apps.

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