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Zapya Old Version – Latest Version Zapya App Download 2023

Zapya Old Version – Latest Version Zapya App Download 2023

Zapya Old Version free download: Hi friends do you really want to download zapya old version application for your phone or computer. Then you are in a right place here in this post we will share you the zapya old version app and latest zapya app download for free. So please read the complete post to get the app and try to know complete knowledge of zapya apk.  Zapya is a cross platform file sharing tool with high speed. The main feature why people want this app is cross platform file sharing. For example before zapya app people will share files between similar platform devices like android to android or iphone to iphone so it make more complicate the file transfer so zapya app team invented a cross platform app.

zapya old version
Zapya Old Version Download
Why zapya old version is mostly liked by people? Because Zapya old version impressed the people by its simplicity and best user friendly look, so try to use the old version of zapya if you don’t like that try to get the latest version both or really super to work with.

Zapya old version Free Download:

Zapya app is initially designed and launched for android users then after it got huge response from the users they launched this app for all other platforms. zapya app free download is also available for other OS those are.
  1. Zapya for iPhone
  2. Zapya for Windows Phone
  3. Zapya for Windows PC
  4. Zapya for Mac PC
Before download zapya app get to know about the app. If you know about zapya apk download that is well and good if you don’t know about this don’t worry I will tell you more about this app.

Features of Zapya app Download:

  • Using zapya app you can transfer files without consider its size. It means you can transfer any size of file. also check tubemate old version
  • No need of internet usage to transfer files between devices using wifi signal you can transfer files easily. So this is completely free of cost. 
  • If you want to change your old device to new device zapya app will help you to transfer files using bulk transfer option.  

  • You can transfer files between multiple cross platforms. No need of USB cable.

Zapya old version download
Zapya old version features
  • You can transfer files between multiple cross platforms. No need of USB cable.
  • The file transfer rate (speed) of zapya app is 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • The best feature of zapya old version or new version is group sharing.  You can share multiple files to multiple users at once.
  • You can also play games with your friends using zpaya apk download without any internet data usage.
  • With your nearby friends you can do an audio call or video call without any internet. This option is available in latest version of zapya apk get it from below.
  • So these may features are there in zapya app so this app is a necessary app in all mobile phones. Use the below link to download zapya old version.
                                                     Zapya Old Version Download

Zapya Latest version Download

Zapya app for android download

Zapya for android phone are really simple to download
  • Go to google play store
  • Type zapya in search box and download zapya app like below.

zapya app download
Zapya app download
  • Install it on your phone and enjoy the unlimited files sharing with your friends.
  • The alternative app for zapya is called shareit app you can also try this app in google play store.
Thank you for reading this post if you have any doubts just use the comment box below.

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