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Zapya Apk Free Download & Install Guide Latest - 2023

Zapya Apk Free Download & Install Guide Latest - 2023

Zapya Apk Free Download: Hi friends do you want to download zapaya apk for your android device? Please just follow the steps and get the best file sharing application in the world. Zapya is initially developed for android users then after the booming of mobile usage and the demand of file sharing app in other platform made zapya for other OS devices also.      

Nowadays file sharing between mobiles and other devices are very common people are having struggle and time consuming while using Bluetooth and cable via file sharing. After the invention of zapya apk 2018 the sharing between devices made easy by using the Wifi Technology. Zapya apk will allow you to share files like pictures, videos, audio and documents with a lightning speed. Zapya also available for other platform devices like, zapya for windows PC, zapya for windows phone, zapya for ios, zapya for blackberry and so on.
Zapya apk free download
Zapya apk free download
The best thing is to share files between devices is completely free of cost because they didn’t use any mobile data they simply make the WIFI signal as a path to transfer. Zapya apk overcomes the traditional way of file sharing like Bluetooth or USB cable.

You can also check zapya latest and old version here.

Facts of Zapya Apk Free Download 2018:

  1. Zapya apk install made huge downloads in worldwide which is around 500 million in 2018.
  2. This fastest file sharing app is cross platform so you can share files between android and other platforms like ios, windows, tizen, mac and blackberry or even with PC.
  3. It is completely free of cost no charges apply to transfer files.
  4. Zapya apk supports Multiple language and very easy to use.
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Features of Zapya Apk Latest Update:

Unlimited Sharing with no Cable:
Using zaya apk there is no limitation while sharing files between devices you can share unlimited files and also no need of cable to transfer.

Fastest Sharing:
This zapya apk file sharing speed is 200 times higher than normal Bluetooth.
Cost Free:
Zapya apk is completely free of cost to transfer file you don’t need to pay. Zapya will not use your mobile data.
Download Zapya apk 2018 features
Download Zapya apk 2018 features
Complete Phone copy:
If you face a situation like changing new phone and you want to transfer all files from the old phone this can be done by using this phone replicate option in zapya.

Group Sharing:
Do you know? You can connect up to 4 devices simultaneously so you can do file sharing to all the devices at the same time.

Install Zapya apk features
Install Zapya apk features
QR Code Sharing:
Using zapya apk latest version you a make personalized QR code using that you can share files to other device. For that the other device should scan the QR code to get the file.

Offline chat:
If you don’t have any internet connection no problem you can use zapya to make a chat with your nearby friends like inside the same room or building.

Supported landuages:
English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Persian.

Download Zapya Apk & Install Latest Version:

Zapya apk free download is an easy process to do. The file sharing speed between devices is about 10mb/s. Zapya apk is the mostly needed app and everyone should have this app on their devices.
                                                     Zapya Apk Free Download 2018

Step to Download & install Zpaya Apk On Android:

  • Go to your Google play store app on your device.
  • You can see the search bar now type “zapya”.
  • After the zapya app shown in the screen click on the install button.
  • Now installing will take some time just wait.
  • After install it will ask you to open just click on open option.
These are all the steps to download zapya apk for android. To know how to transfer files just read the full post.

How to use Zapya Apk:

  • From the home screen please select your files to transfer and now click on the send button.
  • Now swipe left to select files like videos, pictures and other documents.
  • You need to select 1 option from the two those are send or receive.
  •  If you want to send just join the group and select the device with you want to share.
  • The devices which are currently connected to your device will be shown.
  • From that you need to select the device.
  • Currently they updated the UI so you feel very good while using app.
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Download zapya apk

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