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Google Duo iOS/ iPhone & iPad download

Google Duo iOS/ iPhone & iPad download

Google Duo iOS: Hi folks, welcome to our blog. In this article we will share information about very interesting application named as Google Duo iOS. Nowadays communication is the only way to develop our relationship. There are many ways to communicate with others like message, audio call etc. But the users not cent percent satisfied for this way of communication. So the developer developed a video calling apps like Skype, messenger, Google Duo. The Google Duo iPhone/iPad is competitor for all other video apps.
Google duo for ios
Google duo for ios
WhatsApp Video call etc. millions of users download and used its features. After some disadvantage of these apps the google launched video calling app with high quality named as

Google duo iOS:

Finally the google launched its product with high quality video calling app named as Google Duo. This app is available for both android and iOS users. The android users can download Google Duo from google PlayStore and the iOS users can download this app from apple app store. The Google Duo iOS is only available on apple stores and iTunes. If you want any free apps from your iPhone just go for any third party app Stroe. The apple app store some restrictions to download the apps. Here we guide how to download Google Duo iOS on your iPhone/iPad.

Why we need Google Duo iPhone/iPad?

Google duo for iphone
Google duo for iphone
There are many reasons to download Google Duo iOS on your iPhone/iPad device. Now here we just tell about some of very important points of Google Duo. Many applications available on apple app store but this app was developed by Google. The Google Duo iPhone/iPad is one of the best video calling app among all other apps like face-time, WhatsApp etc. You can make video call to your friends and family with a single tap. Google Duo iOS is available for iPhone and iPad.

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Features of Google Duo iOS:

Before downloading Google Duo iPhone/iPad you just know about the feature of Google Duo. There are lots of features available on Google Duo App.
  • Google Duo is simple and highly secured interface with users. So anyone can easily make a call with others. The Google Duo iPhone is one-to-one video calling app with high quality.
  • Google Duo has very simple control for keeping touch with your friends name to make a video call.
  • One of the coolest features of Google Duo iOS is that you know the person who calls you before attend the call. This knock knock unique feature is only available on Google Duo iPhone.
  • Google duo iOS has end-to-end encryption. So the users not need to worry about privacy and security. No one can hack your information.
  • Google duo iPhone/iPad provides a high quality video call even low data and weak signal area. By using google duo you can make video calls in all over the world without any interruptions.
  • You make the video call through internet so not need worry about your main balance.
  • Google duo iPad/iPhone provide video message when your friend not attending your call.

Specification of google duo iOS:

Developer : Google
Release date: October 09, 2017
Category: video calling
Size: 16 MB
Platforms: ios, Android, Blackberry
Language: Multiple
License: Freeware

How to download google duo iOS:

To download and install Google Duo iOS is very simple one. Here we guide you how to download Google Duo iPhone & iPad.
  1. Open the Apple app store or iTunes app store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for Google Duo application on the app store. Many related application displayed on your screen. You just select the Google Duo.
  3. Then click the install button for installation of Google Duo.
  4. The Google Duo iOS asks for the permission to access the data on your iPhone device for installation.
  5. Just tap accept to install the application. After complete the download process it just automatically installed on your iPhone device.
  6. Tap on Google Duo App icon on your homescreen and enjoy its features.

How to use Google Duo iOS:

This is very easy and simple to use Google Duo iOS. Google duo has very simple interface so that you can easily make video call without any trouble.
  1. After installing Google Duo iOS on your iPhone  you just tap the icon on home screen.
  2. If you open the app for the first time you register on your mobile number.
  3. After enter the mobile number the verification code will be sent to the respective mobile number.
  4. Then you enter the verification code to complete the registration.
  5. Now you tap the video call button to make the video call to your friends and family. you can even manually make the call by typing mobile number.
We hope this article helpful to you know about the Google Duo iOS and how to download it. If you have any struggle about download Google Duo iPhone/iPad you just ask your doubts on comment box. We will give a best solution as soon as possible.

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